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From connection to result.

Body language makes your inner world visible. This gives you the chance to understand the other person on a deeper level. When you see what the real need of another person is, you conduct conversations more efficiently and with more connection.

Your body language has much more effect on how people perceive you than you think. A message comes across better and is remembered better when you support it with the right body language. Connect more with someone else, resulting in a better result.

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About Body Language Academy

Body Language Academy is a specialized institute in non-verbal communication and human behaviour. With interactive and science-based training, we help companies and professionals to achieve their goals by developing themselves in the most influential form of communication: non-verbal communication.

In the media

Body Language Academy is regularly featured in the media. Here we act as a body language expert. For example, we have been able to read the sincere emotion of Joran van der Sloot.

We are also invited to podcasts, radio broadcasts and newsworthy TV programs.


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