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When having coffee with a potential client for 30 minutes, over 800 non-verbal signals are shown unconsciously. Signals with information about sincere emotions, intentions and personality. When you’re able to read these signals, you’ll quickly receive insights into the perception and needs of your conversation partner. You read literally and figuratively between the lines, which will enable you to respond proactively instead of reactively. By doing so you can take the lead and impress in the meeting as well as having more control over the results.

Own appearance

How conscious are your employees of their body language and the effect of it?
Studies show that body language and appearance have a much larger effect than we think. Did you know for example that the appearance of job candidates has more influence on potential employers than the facts on their CV? Doctors are more often sued on the basis of how they communicate non-verbally than due to how they actually perform? And that based on the body language of politicians we can predict if they will be elected or not?

It’s often thought that our charisma is a static thing, a question of ‘you either have it or you don’t’. But in reality, it’s often a question of non-verbal communication. In our training, we make often nebulous terms such as ‘charisma’ and ‘persuasiveness’ concrete, tangible and above all attainable.

Therefore we don’t believe in a one size fits all approach, because everyone is different. We operate our 3 P’s method. Which means, personality, profession and purpose. Through the use of a through research founded and a method proven in practice, we teach your employees how they can adapt their body language in an easy, authentic and natural way.

For who?

Communication is in practically every profession an important component and we believe that every field is ultimately a people business. Developing yourself in the area of non-verbal communication is inherent in the improving of EQ and people skills.

Sales and negotiations: Increase and accelerate your sales and negotiations successfully by directly be able to see where the genuine interests and resistance lies with (potential) clients.

HR: Recognise the true motives, emotions and characteristics in candidates-and mediation meetings, through which you can have more control over the situation and the results and the chance to reduce the number of mis-hires.

Executives, managers and presenters: Communicate powerfully and self-assured, motivate others easier and create engagement and commitment.

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