About The Body Language Academy

The Body Language Academy is an institute that specialises in non-verbal communication and human behaviour. With interactive science-based training, we help organisations and professionals to reach their goals by developing their skills in the most influential form of communication: Non-verbal communication.

Our non-verbal communication translates our emotions and motives into physical signals. When you can recognise these signals and correctly interpret them, you’ll be able to read your discussion partner like an open book and predict their behaviour and that is invaluable in every field of business. In addition to this, our non-verbal communication has a strong influence on what people think of us as well as how we feel about ourselves.
It’s often believed that a persons charisma is something they’re born with, a question of ‘you either have it or you don’t’. In reality, it’s often a question of non-verbal communication. In our training and coaching, we make seemingly elusive notions such as charisma and persuasiveness, concrete, tangible and above all else accessible.

We connect the science of non-verbal communication in an accessible way with relevant knowledge from psychology and neurology for more completeness and depth. We translate these into recognisable practice situations and employable skills. By integrating the knowledge from these specialist fields together, we have a unique method from which our clients benefit from multidisciplinary expertise with lasting effects.



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Denise Dechamps

The Body Language Academy was founded by psychologist and body language expert Denise Dechamps.
In her work as a psychologist, Denise noticed how much valuable information that others are unaware that they provide us with using their non-verbal communication, including body language. She was surprised about how little we consciously work on this. She decided to specialise by means of education and training and developed herself under international experts as a certified body language expert. With the wish to raise more awareness about this fascinating specialist discipline and to help ambitious organisations, business people and professionals, she founded the Body Language Academy in Amsterdam.

I have a fascination for human behaviour and the motives behind it. For over 10 years I’ve been busy with the studying of it as a psychologist and certified body language expert. Non-verbal communication provides incredibly reliable information about emotions, attitude and the personality of the conversation partner. It can reinforce what someone says, but also contradict it, whereas body language always tells the truth. The more I studied non-verbal communication in-depth, I discovered the enormous added value that passes people by on a daily basis. In my opinion, you miss big chances when you pay too little attention to your body language. It’s the most influential part of our communication.

My philosophy in working with people is that my client and I are a team; We have the same goal and their success is my success and the other way round. Witnessing others growing and excelling is what makes my work absolutely marvellous.

Our team

The Body Language Academy team consists of a group of specialist and highly motivated professionals each with their own specialism and experience that compliments each other well. By means of our multi-disciplined team and strategic alliances, we’ve created a complementary mix of professionals, who together are able to create the exact training or workshop tailor-made to client needs. Central to all of our services are three pillars: High quality and trustworthy information, science based, interactive as well as practice orientated.

Our references

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Custom training for companies.

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Open training

Training course for professionals

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Masterclass Micro Expressions

Learn to recognize micro expressions.

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Webinar Body Language

Free introduction of the theory behind body language.

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