Special Masterclass
Body Language, Public Speaking & Personal Branding

Do you want to build a strong professional identity? Build a strong personal brand that reflects your expertise, passion and purpose, attracting your key decision-makers to you? Master your body language to not only communicate your ideas with authenticity, but also be able to read the body language of the person you’re talking to, to understand their mindset and thinking? Master strategies on how to convey your ideas with confidence, authority and passion, that will make you stand out from the competition with a unique and powerful professional presence?

Then this mastery course is for you.

Your career, your net-worth and your success is not a reflection of ‘what you do’. It is a reflection of who you are. You have immense talent and your ideas have great potential, but how will you attract, persuade and influence the dream clients you want to work with?

In this full day training, you will master the pathway from brain- to body – to behaviour – to communication – to relationship building – to impact.


Denise Dechamps
Body Language Expert | Body Language Academy

Denise Dechamps is a psychologist, specialized in non-verbal communication. She is well-known, as her expert analysis and opinion is frequently requested by the media and seen on television and radio, such as RTL, SBS, BNR and NPO.

Sangbreeta Moitra
Human Behavior & Change Expert | Transform Exponential

Sangbreeta Moitra is a TEDx award-winning speaker, expert on hacking human behaviour, branding & communication. She is a public speaking champion featured in The Huffington Post and VIVA400 most inspiring women of The Netherlands.

Together, with their expert knowledge on the brain, human behaviour and its patterns, body language, communication, personal branding and building strong client relationships, this powerful, interactive and fun training experience will super-charge your personal and professional development to build a stand-out professional presence, master your personal brand and get you the attention of your dream clients and customers.

Public Speaking and Personal Branding

You will learn how to sharpen your core-values, build your brand promise and transform the way you present yourself and your ideas. Structure the ‘what you do’ in such a powerful yet engaging way, that without pitching or selling you will attract your target clients and customers to you. How to communicate your ideas with authority, credibility, passion and emotion that wins the attention and interest of your audience.

You will learn techniques on how to reframe your ideas and behaviors on communication, based on Sangbreeta’s experience winning the Dutch and European public speaking awards, winning the TEDx pitch award and training top leaders, teams and startups across the world, to transform their presence and impact exponentially.

Body Language and Human Behaviour

You will learn to read the most important and commonly used non-verbal signals, that you’ll immediately recognize all around you. This will give you insight into the sincere emotions, needs and personality of your conversation partners, making it easier to steer conversations and achieve your goals.

You also gain insight into your own body language, first impression and appearance. Based on a unique learning model, we will teach you how you can adjust your body language in a natural way, focusing on your goal. We do not believe in a one size fits all approach, because everyone is different. We use our 3P’s method. That is, personality, profession and purpose. Through a research and evidence based method, we will teach you how to use your body language in an easy, authentic and natural way.

Date & Time & Price

When? 31-10-2019 from 9:00 – 18:00

Where? Amsterdam

Price? € 757,-   Now € 557,-

Language: English
The training will be in English, but the trainers speak Dutch as well.

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