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Body Language is a universal language that we can all speak but which we often fail to listen to. It translates our genuine emotions, needs and personality to visible physical signals. The ability to ‘read’ these signals ensures that you know what others feel and mean, even if this isn’t expressed in words.


Most people are quite unaware of their body language and therefore leave the largest part of their communication to chance. While our body language is largely responsible for a large part of our own charisma. Often it’s believed that our charisma is a static thing, a question of ‘you either have it or you don’t’. But in reality, it’s often a question of non-verbal communication. In our training, we make often nebulous terms such as ‘charisma’ and ‘persuasiveness’ concrete, tangible and above all attainable. So that you can immediately get going with the improving of your body language with an eye on your goals.


All our training courses are interactive and science-based so that you can put what you’ve learned into practice. The training contains scientific substantiation in the fields of psychology, neurology and behavioural sciences. All theories are translated in an accessible manner to recognisable practical situations and exercises.

For Whom?

Communication is important in practically every profession and we believe that every discipline is ultimately a people business. Developing yourself in the area of non-verbal communication is an inherent part of increasing EQ (emotional intelligence) and people skills.
Sales and negotiations: Increase and accelerate your sales and negotiations successfully by understanding directly where genuine interest and resistance lies with (potential) clients.
Medical Services Providers: Improve the time it takes to interpret problems with clients without them having to explain everything.
HR: Recognise the true motives, emotions and characteristics in interviews and mediation meetings whereby you’ll have more control over the situation and outcome. Improve the chances of reducing the number of unsuitable hires.
Leading and presenting: Communicate with power and self-assurance, motivate and create commitment.

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Custom training for companies.

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Masterclass Micro Expressions

Learn to recognize micro expressions.

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Webinar Body Language

Free introduction of the theory behind body language.

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